Why Consider a Weight Loss Clinic in Toronto?

Obesity is a growing problem in Toronto with reports indicating that 49.2 per cent of adults, age 20 and older, in Toronto are overweight or obese. For this reason alone, many employers are engaging executive health plans that offer employees the opportunity to take advantage of an effective weight loss clinic in Toronto to aid in efforts to fight obesity head on.

By now you probably know that achieving your ideal weight is one of the most important things you can do to promote your overall long-term health. With an increasing focus on employee health, it is no wonder that more companies are looking for benefits like weight management programs to offer. These are a few key elements you should look for when exploring options for weight loss clinics in Toronto.

  • Flexibility – programs must be flexible to meet the varied needs of a wide range of people. If you can customize your program for your lifestyle demands you’ll have a much greater opportunity to succeed in your weight loss efforts.
  • Teamwork – one of the most difficult things for people trying to lose weight is the idea of “going it alone.” Choose a program that never leaves your people feeling as though they are fighting this fight on their own. Look for a team of professionals that is there to help identify emotional and psychological triggers that drive employees to eat, to help plan health meals that are delicious, and to help create a weight loss plans that accommodates the realities of life along the way.
  • Support – One of the wonderful things about MedCan weight loss clinics is that members have access to all aspects of support and guidance under one roof. There’s no need to run all over Toronto to get the right information, equipment, encouragement, and more. From personal training and coaching to physiotherapy and more, you will find all the right people to help you on your weight loss journey under one roof.

Not all employee wellness programs are created equal. When you find one that offers the combination of a comprehensive executive medical examination, year-round health checkups, pregnancy genetic testing, and weight loss clinics and support, you’ve found a plan that can help you improve your overall wellness better than any simple corporate fitness programs will ever be able to accomplish.

MedCan goes even further with weight loss clinics by utilizing a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy and nutrition science to offer a well-rounded and highly-effective weight loss program that is designed to help each individual achieve optimal weight loss that he or she can maintain for life. This includes focusing on effective methods for losing weight, helping individuals deal with overwhelming cravings, and giving them the tools they need to persevere through setbacks. This allows them to get on track, stay on track, and bounce back quickly whenever they stray from the prescribed course – all essential tools in an effective weight loss program.

While not everyone views weight loss as a top priority for corporate wellness programs in Canada, those that offer a great deal of focus on weight loss clinics in Toronto are often highly effective.

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