Pros And Cons Of Cryotherapy

Before we move towards the pros and cons of the cryotherapy, let’s discuss a little about cryotherapy and how it is useful. Cryotherapy is a procedure of cooling the body to -15° F for 2 -3 minutes. This method is very useful because it has many positive effects on the body. This is done in a chamber which is filled with liquid nitrogen. Following at its pros and cons:


There are many benefits of cryotherapy on the human body. Following are the few:

Pain relief:

You would be surprised to know that this is a very effective method of pain relief. Sometimes there are certain pains which can’t be treated with anything. The reason behind that is because there are nerve endings in our skin for sensations and pain and they send different messages to the brain which is interpreted as sensations like hot or cold. When they get damaged, they send random messages which confuse the brain. This causes severe irritation and pain all the time. The best way to deal with it is to remove the damaged nerve or block its signals and this is best done by cryotherapy.

Active muscles:

Another benefit of using cryotherapy is that your muscles can get very active. Yes, that’s true. You would notice this yourself after two or three sessions. Cryotherapy improves the blood circulation and removes the toxic substance from the blood. This often results in better muscle movement and healthy body.

Weight loss:

Many people don’t know that there are certain methods of losing weight which is absolutely painless and cryotherapy is one of them. As it has been discussed above that cryotherapy helps to activate the muscles and digestive system, it might help in the weight reduction too.

Better circulation:

Cryotherapy also has a good effect on our circulatory system. It also helps to detoxify the body by removing the waste products from our body.

Treatment of cancer:

The major benefit of cryotherapy is that it helps in the treatment of cancer. There are certain cancers like skin cancer, prostate, and breast cancer, which can be treated with cryosurgery. In this process, the surgeon might insert the liquid nitrogen to the affected area or might cool that area to a certain temperature to destroy the cancer cells. This is a kind of minor surgery and must be done under strict supervision.


There are certain disadvantages of cryotherapy as well.


It is a very rare disadvantage that a person might feel nauseated or light headed after cryotherapy. However, this is a rare possibility and goes away with time


Cryotherapy is a medical procedure and it is always done under the supervision of a trained and qualified doctor. However, it can have serious effects on the body too. As we know that the body is cooled to a v low temperature. If the temperature is not controlled, it might result in the sore skin or blisters which are very painful to deal with.

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