What Effects Does EMF Exposure have on Your Body? Your Top Questions Answered

EMF is something that has been around for ages – yet its effects on the human body have been studied only during the most recent years (decades, at the most). Electromagnetic frequency is a common occurrence, as much of nature as light and sound waves are, but they have become more and more a part of our everyday life, simply because we have more technology.

And that also means we are seeing more and more of the negative effects, which is why it’s important for us to get informed and make the right decisions when it comes to our health. But what exactly is EMF? Why is it so important only now? What effect does EMF exposure have on our body? Here are your top questions answered.

What is EMF?

In essence, EMF is a frequency of energy that travels through space and time and interferes with other systems. For example, a radio emission is a form of EMF. So is infrared light, and so are X-rays. They are part of nature and shouldn’t concern us to a large degree – except that, because of the dramatic increase in technology, we are more and more exposed to dangerous levels of EMF.

How does it affect us?

Over-exposure to EMF has been linked to many diseases, as the radiation can interfere with our normal nervous system and cell generation. In other words, what once was normal has come to such levels (due to technology) that it actively interferes with our natural biological system.

What could be the consequences?

The consequences are real, and should be taken seriously:

  • Interference with brain activity – our brains work on tiny electrical impulses. EMF can interfere with that.
  • Protein changes – studies have shown that EMF significantly reduces our ability to regulate protein production.
  • Aggressive cell growth – certain cells tend to replicate more (and more aggressively) when exposed to EMF, which links it to cancers.
  • Increased blood pressure – research in Germany has shown that a mobile phone call can seriously increase the blood pressure of the person making it.
  • DNA damage – DNA, the string that contains all the information of our bodily make-up and functioning, tends to break down after prolonged exposure.

EMF is a real threat – and if there is any reason that we (as a community, including the scientific community) have failed to recognise the threat, it’s because the exposure the average person has to EMF has increased dramatically only in the last few decades, with the use of microwave ovens, mobile phones, WiFi, high voltage electrical wiring, and so on. It’s a consequence of technology, and still requires further study. However, stay safe, avoid as much EMF whenever you can, and make use of EMF protection products whenever possible.


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