Swallow a Balloon and Lose Weight – Could it Really Be that Easy?

The world is facing a huge crisis, with obesity now being a true pandemic. The market is filled with exercise programs, weight loss pills, and diet books, and it has become near impossible to tell which ones of those are the real deal. What we do know is that there are some people who are beyond the point at which they can help themselves through diet and exercise, and for them, surgical procedures are available. One of those is the gastric balloon. While this is a minimally invasive procedure, as it only involves an endoscopy, it remains a medical procedure. This means that there are risks attached to it. Furthermore, few people truly understand what the gastric balloon is and how it will help them to lose weight.

Understanding the Gastric Balloon

If someone is obese, but their BMI has not yet reached the gastric surgery threshold, the gastric balloon could be an option for them. The procedure is fairly simply, as a surgeon simply inserts a balloon into the stomach through an endoscopy, after which it is filled with a saline solution. Because the balloon takes up most of the space in the stomach, people can’t eat as much and will begin to lose weight. The balloon can remain in place for six months, giving people the chance to get their weight down and to develop new heathier habits to help them maintain their weight.

The gastric balloon has been designed to not deflate during the six months that it is in place. This is one of the reasons why it has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Even if it were to deflate, measures are in place to make sure people know about it. The balloon is filled with a saline solution with blue dye, which would turn urine blue should it leak, at which point the patient can ask to have it removed. In very rare cases, the deflated balloon can be defecated out of the system.

In 2008, a comprehensive study into the effectiveness and safety of gastric balloons showed that just 4% of people had the balloon removed early. A very small minority of these had it removed because of balloon deflation. The study also showed that people lost 12.5% of their original weight within the six month period. The study, completed by Columbia University, showed that gastric balloon patients who did not diet would lose 8% of their weight in three months, whereas those that had the balloon and dieted as well would lose as much as 16%. In the majority of cases, this weight loss has so far been permanent, even months after the removal of the gastric balloon.

When you have the balloon fitted, you will usually have to take medication for around 48 hours to stop yourself from feeling sick. These side effects are mild and certainly don’t outweigh the benefits of the procedure. As a result, it is quickly becoming one of the most popular medical weight loss solutions.

Top Tips on Losing Weight

With the holiday season coming up many of us are more than well aware that we may well end up putting on some extra pounds, it seems every house that you go to during this time of year is full of food to enjoy and it is only right to indulge a little. As a result, many of us will head into January with one thing on our minds, losing weight.

There are hundreds of different schemes and faddy diets out there that you could try out but the truth is that very few of them actually work in the long term and in reality, losing weight is a simple practice that requires planning and hard work. To help you make your January plan, here are some tips that will help you shed that winter fat.


Let’s start of with the quickest way for you to lose fat fast, surgery. It may not be for everyone and some may not be able to afford it but for those who can I can absolutely recommend getting fat removal surgery to give you the best kickstart you need to lose weight. I always found it tough to shed the pounds and didn’t like the idea of invasive surgery to help me out, then I read about laser liposuction, a way of burning fat through the use of lasers, it was instant and I’m so pleased I did  it, the clinic was great too, very helpful and friendly, take a look at the Sono Bello reviews to see for yourself.


Everyone knows that in order to lose weight, you need to exercise, you cannot do it though dieting alone with any great speed. I don’t wish to preach to you about the fact that you should exercise, more the best way to go about it. People who are used to exercising can throw themselves straight into a hard work out plan, if you don’t usually exercise however, this will not work well for you, you might fail and feel insanely tired which will dampen your spirit and possible lead you to stop. Far better then, that you start off slow and build it up, cardio is the best type of exercise for weight loss and there are great benefits to slower forms of exercise such as yoga and pilates. Start of with 30 minutes exercise per day and build it up as you get stronger and fitter.


I just want to talk a bit about how you diet, the rules are simple, cut out the fat, increase your fruit and vegetables and replace junk food with healthy alternatives, we all know what they are even if sometimes we choose to ignore them. When approaching your diet you should try to keep a tracker, this will help you stick to your plan, the most important part of dieting is planning ahead. The best thing I can recommend as far as planning goes is to make a list on Sunday about what you will eat in the week ahead, go to the supermarket and buy exactly what is on your list and then prepare your food ahead of time. This will help you to avoid eating convenience junk food and will keep you continuously thinking about your diet whiten turn makes you less likely to fail.

Diets To Help You Lose Weight

Anyone trying to deal with obesity knows how difficult it is to shed those extra pounds. Especially for food lovers, weight loss is a torturous process. However, maintaining a healthy weight has many benefits, and you too can attain ideal body shape by practicing self-control and discipline.


You are perhaps aware of the core concept of weight loss: Burn more calories than you eat. It is a difficult and long process. It restricts most of your favorite food items from the diet.

Most people look for diets that can help them lose weight quickly. This can help them look better for a big function, or help boost their motivation for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. While quick results are great, you must on stress your body and deprive it of essential nutrients.

Hundreds of diet plans have been made and followed over the past few years. Below are 3 of the most common and effective types of weight loss diets.

Detox-Cleanse Diets

These are quick weight loss diet plans that can help you lose a lot of weight within a short span of time. The aim is to rid the body of various toxins. Over the period of this diet, you will eat very little food. Your diet will mostly comprise of organic fruits and vegetables. Drinking lot of water is recommended as well. You can also take a supplement to speed up the cleansing process.

This definitely reduces bloating and water weight. One disadvantage of these diets is that they often cause diarrhea and therefore, weakness.

Low Carb Diets

For someone in the early phase of weight loss, the low-carb diets are ideal. By avoiding almost all carbohydrates for that period, you will see some quick results. During the period of this diet, your meals will consist of protein and some nutritious vegetables.
For satisfactory results, you are recommended to avoid dairy and fruits. Do not consume grains or anything sugary.

In the first 2 weeks of the low carb diet, people often lose around 10 pounds. After that, you can slowly add carbohydrate back into the diet. Even though the rate of weight loss slows down, you will still lose weight.

The Very Low-Calorie Diets

Overnight weight loss is a myth. However, losing a huge portion of your excess weight over a short period is possible with VLC diets. These will help you prevent weight gain, without starving.

You can use these to maintain an ideal body figure and weight. Like the name suggests, it allows extremely low-calorie consumption each day. You can follow a comprehensive weight loss solution based on a VLC diet (very low calorie) for maximum results.

The diet charts are prepared by dieting experts and must contain recommended daily requirements for proteins, minerals, vitamins, trace elements and fatty acids. It is advised to seek medical advice before trying this diet.

Some VLC Diet products can be used as well. The product is a powder which can be mixed in water. However, you should not consume it for more than 3 to 7 days as it can have an impact on your health.

All of these diets show great results when followed properly. While attaining quick weight, the loss can help motivate you for further progress, none of these show lasting results. You must follow a healthy and balanced diet, and exercise regularly to see a positive change.

While trying to attain the ideal body shape, do not deprive your body of nutrients and calories that are essential for proper function. Also, emphasize on drinking enough water every day as it can boost metabolism.

Smart Ways to Reach Your Target Weight This Summer

Summer is the perfect season in which to shed those excess pounds. The abundance of beautiful weather and the prevalent sense of new beginnings combine to form the perfect backdrop for long-awaited weight loss. As with most things in life, there are right ways and wrong ways to lose weight – and one person’s “right way” is liable to be someone else’s “wrong way.” With nearly every approach to weight loss, results will vary from person to person, but certain methods produce far more success stories than others. If you’re eager to reach your target weight this summer, the following methods should not be overlooked.

Consistent Exercise

When looking for effective ways to lose weight, “exercise” is generally the first thing people come across – and for good reason! No matter what type of physical fitness regimen you choose, consistency is the key to results. Committing to a workout routine requires tremendous self-discipline, and self-discipline is built up through consistency. For best results, devote at least 30 minutes a day to exercise. This doesn’t necessarily mean sweating it out at the gym every day, either. Even basic stretches and cardio routines, when performed on a consistent basis, can produce favorable results. Whenever you’re tempted to take on off-day, just remember that one off-day can easily turn into two or three – or more.

Smart Dieting

Most fad diets don’t work – at least not long-term. Like exercise, smart dieting should be carried out methodically, not in short bursts. In theory, eating right is easy. In practice, not so much. Instead of embracing so-called “celebrity diets” and dubious weight-loss supplements, look to the basic rules of nutrition for guidance. Eating a diet rich in fruits, veggies, proteins and whole grains is conducive to a healthy waistline and physical wellbeing. Conversely, a diet laden with saturated fats and bad cholesterol can lead to weight problems and decreased longevity. Again, it boils down to strength of will. Since quick-fix diets represent a more expedient alternative to following the aforementioned rules, it’s no surprise they’re so popular. While some of them may help you lose weight in the short term, regular exercise and smart eating habits are the only ways to keep excess pounds at bay indefinitely.

Laser Liposuction

Anyone looking to lose weight in a hurry is urged to consider laser liposuction. Unlike traditional liposuction, this procedure is minimally invasive and has a relatively short recovery time. Whereas traditional liposuction leaves saggy skin in its wake, its laser-based alternative sculpts skin as it removes pockets of fat. “Angelenos” looking for a great place to have this procedure performed should get in touch with Smart Lipo, L.A.’s foremost name in laser liposuction.

Weight loss is foremost on the minds of many Americans. With over half the country classified as overweight or obese, it’s no wonder so many people are itching to slim down. To ensure that you’re able to meet your summer time weight loss goals, adopt a manageable exercise routine, eat a healthy diet, and, if need be, look into laser liposuction.

How Garcinia cambogia Works for Weight Loss

You’ve probably heard of ‘Garcinia cambogia’ which is the new buzz word in weight loss industry. Regarded now as the holy grail of weight loss, this natural extract has taken weight loss by storm. It has exceeded the expectation of many people and continues to prove the doubters wrong. Garcinia cambogia extract is a natural weight loss supplement that is taken from the Malabar Tamarind fruit which is native to Indonesia. This fruit is also used for medicinal purposes by the locals and they have done so since ancient times.

So what is the special thing about Garcinia? And how does it lead to effective weight loss? Well, as recently as 2006, this fruit was tested for weight loss and the results were quite astonishing and miraculous at the same time. Of course it resulted in safe weight loss and from there on it was famously dubbed as the holy grail of weight loss by Dr.Oz. This weight loss breakthrough has led to many people losing weight fast and in the simplest of ways. You do not need a diet regime or strenuous exercise. The fruit extract itself containing the active ingredient will do the chunk of work.

How it works

Garcinia cambogia fruit extract contains HCA, which is the acid responsible for weight loss. HCA, or Hydroxycitric acid has fat-burning properties and also blocks the formation of new fat tissues by preventing fat storage. It will additionally put a brake on your appetite which therefore means you will avoid unhealthy food. In blocking of fats, it inhibits the function of citrate lyase which is the enzyme responsible for fat formation. The body will not be able to make fat as a result.

In curbing your appetite, HCA raises the level of serotonin which is a brain chemical that stimulates hunger.You will not feel hungry unnecessarily and most importantly you will keep away from your cravings.

Actual weight loss

When you lose weight using Garcinia cambogia fruit extract, you can be assured of a permanent weight loss. This formula is effective in maintaining your new weight and keeping off any weight gain completely. It is important to follow the Garcinia cambogia dosage to the core. Different Garcinia products have specific guidelines for use including dosage. Before making a purchase, ensure that the product is certified and that it contains pure Garcinia cambogia extract. There is a possibility of clones out there which claim to be authentic but hang on the reputation of this product and do not live up to their promise.

The recommended HCA concentration should be above 50% for the product to bring the results that you want and one such product is garcinia cambogia ultra slim. Below the recommended concentration percentage, you are likely to struggle in your weight loss quest. It is important to go for an in-depth review of a certain product before buying and contacting the manufacturer in case of information that you need clarified.

Finally, you can expect to lose as much as you want within a short while. You will be amazed at how fast you shed the pounds on your way to a toned body, and a slimmer you!

Reasons Why You Can Start HCG Diet plan Even During the Holiday Season

While this seems like something that’s difficult to do, it is certainly one of the best and wisest decisions you can make. You probably are asking yourself what to do with all the delicious holiday foods and stuff, and if it will end up ruining your sweet holiday plans. Well, if you are on a HCG diet, nothing will go wrong unlike other weight loss programs. This is simply because, with proper planning you can use Christmas or any other day, as your loading phase. Here you can eat anything that you want and in whatever amount. Plus, it will be advantageous to your weight loss as it will help you stay consistent and prepare for the other phases of the plan. Below are three great reasons why holiday season is an ideal time for you to lose weight using HCG Drops.

  1. You can eat anything you want

We all know that nothing can hold us back from eating what we want during the holiday season. And that is right and allowed as long as you are losing weight using HCG plan. To gorge is part of the holiday season and for that reason, you can make phase 1 of HCG diet plan to rhyme with the height of the season. This will prepare you to lose weight consistently throughout the diet.

  1. Becomes part of your new year resolution

Statistics have shown that, weight loss is one of the major New Year resolution that many people have on top of their list. By starting your weight loss diet during the holiday season, you will already be a step ahead of others. When summer rolls around, you will already be hitting your weight loss target and many of your colleagues, family and friends will marvel at your progress. This also means you will wear what you want during summer, less and lesser clothing.

  1. Exercise self-control

When you begin the plan around Christmas and by the time New Year approaches, you will be in phase 3 of the diet which requires you to monitor your food portion sizes. When most will be complaining of overeating and bad stomachs, you will be having nothing of the sort. This offers you a chance to practice restraint on what you eat and the amount you eat too.