1.5 Million with Mental Health Issues Misused Opioids in 2016

Much has been written about the opioid crisis in the United States. Recently, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) released a report highlighting just how critical the problem has become.

Mental Health and Opioid Abuse

Specifically, the report examined how many people with a mental health condition turned to opioids to treat their problem. The report examined the number of people with a serious mental health problem who also misused an opioid drug. The numbers — 1.5 million — demonstrate just how widespread and dangerous opioid abuse has become.

Here are just a few of the startling facts revealed in the SAMHSA report:

  • One in eight adults with a serious mental health illness misused opioids.
  • 7 million Americans age 12 and up misused an opioid drug in 2016.
  • The report defined a “serious mental illness” as one of a sufficient duration to cause “serious functional impairment in an individual’s major life activities”

SAMHSA has also published shocking statistics about the prevalence of co-occurring behavioral disorders in the United States. A combined 63.8 million Americans over the age of 18 have either a substance abuse disorder or a mental health illness, and about 12 percent of these individuals have both.

Help for Opioid Addiction

If you are currently struggling with an opioid addiction, or you care about someone who is, it’s important to know that help is available. In 2014, over 28,000 people in the U.S. died due to an opioid overdose. Common opioids include heroin, as well as prescription drugs like oxycodone, hydrocodone, and fentanyl.

Opioid addiction is a problem that affects people from all socioeconomic backgrounds, races, and walks of life. It is a major problem in both urban centers and rural communities, and it affects teachers, professionals, parents, and even grandparents. In short, there is no certain “type” of person who succumbs to an opioid addiction.

Opioid addiction is particularly troubling for individual with a mental health illness, as these powerful drugs change the chemical composition in the brain states Chief Clinical Operations Officer at Summit Behavioral Health a Drug Rehab facility in New Jersey.

When a person with a mental health issue takes an opioid, they may not even realize the drug is negatively affecting them. For others, they don’t realize they are addicted until they attempt to stop taking the drug and experience painful withdrawal symptoms.













Know Your Knees – Six Tips for Senior Cyclist Safety


Biking: not only is it incredibly fun, it’s generally very safe and easy on the body as well. It offers the best of everything; it’s low impact and highly aerobic, so it gets your heart rate up but doesn’t wear down your body. Unlike sports such as running or football, you’re in no danger of running into another person, and your legs never uncomfortably bang into the ground. Instead, they’re moving in low stress, low impact circles.

But even the safest activities can have occasional risk, especially for less experienced athletes who may not be adhering to proper form. One complaint we’ve heard from some of our biking friends is that after a long ride, their knees hurt. This is because there are a few unfortunate mistakes that some riders make that ends up hurting their knees; but if you follow these six simple steps, you can knock out knee pain for good!

Keep Those Knees Straight

As you pedal, make sure you do so in perfectly concentric circles, keeping your knees straight. Any movement or wobbling to the side – either outwards or inwards – increases stress on your cartilage and knee cap as they rub together, which can lead to serious discomfort. This is especially important as knee cartilage can be easily inflamed in older bodies, especially some suffering from mild osteoarthritis. So keep on pedaling as straight and circular as possible.

Keep Your Speed Up as Much as Is Comfortable

It’s vital to keep up a decent speed as you ride, so you maintain a fluid motion as you pump your legs and knees. Experts say that pedaling under 60 revolutions per minute is potentially dangerous, and actually recommend you try to keep above 80 revolutions per minute.

While this may sound scary to an inexperienced rider, it’s actually very simple when you’re using your bike properly. The trick to maintaining this speed to your leg motion is to make sure you are in a proper gear (so as not to be going faster than is comfortable for you.) Or if you’re finding it hard to keep your pedaling at a recommended pace, consider the mechanical assistance of an electric bicycle.

Watch Your “Float”

This advice applies more to cyclists who use clip-in pedals, but it can make a huge difference: make sure the “float” of your foot position corresponds with the natural angle your feet and ankles tend towards. Angling your legs too sharply can radiate tension through your entire legs, and can sharply increase the pressure on your knees. For the best results, keep your float to under 4.5 degrees.

Keep Your Seat Back

Here’s one more thing that you might not think can impact your knees, but most certainly does: the position of your feet, and the position of your “seat.” If you sit too close to your handlebars, it can change the angles your knees have to be at, and that can lead to some serious discomfort. So move your bum further back, keep your feet planted properly on the pedals, and watch the pain glide away.

For Long Rides, Consider Kinesio Tape

If you’re planning a particularly long ride, or find that you have extra sensitive knees, we recommend looking into kinesio, also known as elastic therapeutic, tape. It clings to your joints and muscles, pushing your knees in proper alignment. Unlike the old-school athletic tape you may be more familiar with, it mimics your skin, allowing for a much greater degree of flexibility and movement, and is clinically shown to reduce pain.

Don’t Push Yourself Too Hard

This one comes down to your mentality: just don’t push yourself too hard! Some people, when feeling a bit of pain in a body part, think they can just “push through the pain.” That may work for something like a headache, but when it comes to something as important as your knees, it’s not worth the risk. Something that might just be a minor nuisance today could flare up into a serious tear or worse, if you keep riding on it. So if you’re feeling a serious ouch, take a little time off from riding, or consider switching your ebike to all-electric mode.

Brought to you by EVELO Electric Bicycles, the maker of amazing bikes for people of all ages and abilities.

Choose A Professional When Trying To Start A Family

Look To Fertility Treatments For Help

There are various reasons why a couple will be unable to start a family as planned. A fertility specialist may be able to help the loving couple to achieve having a baby within a period of time. A woman, who has tried to conceive for at least 1 year and is under the age of 35, should look into seeing if their are methods that can help. A woman over 35 years of age should seek assistance after 6 months of trying to become pregnant. A history of venereal disease infections may also prevent conception. Other issues that may be preventing pregnancy can be a history of miscarriages.

A Specialist With Investigate The Fertility Problem

The couple can expect to receive services for both parties at a Tampa Fertility Clinic. A main priority will be to do a semen analysis for the male partner to check to see if this is an issue. Both patients will need to accurately answer a series of health related questions so that the doctor can pinpoint the root problem. A client may want to look at receiving fertility medication before considering a surgical procedure. The patient may want to undergo In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatments.

Select The Right Treatment Based On Recommendations

A woman in her early late 30’s or early 40’s will want to select the best options. IVF will serve the quickest route to conception for the majority of people. The chances for a women in her 30’s and 40’s conceiving a baby becomes more difficult, and IVF treatments will give the patient a greater amount of chances to having success. Biologically, it is better for a woman to have a baby in her 20’s or early 30’s. Young woman may also have health issues that will prevent them form conceiving a child easily. A Tampa Fertility Clinic staff member will discuss options for each couple. Some people may find solutions, such as fertility drugs, artificial insemination or less invasive procedures, are going to provide the right solution.

Discuss All Options With A Provider

There are newer advancements happening constantly in the fertility field that is paving the way to help both young and older couples to start a family. The cost to have IVF and other procedures are cost effective even though several IVF treatments may be priced at thousands of dollars. A provider may offer a series of treatments with a guarantee if there are no results at the end. Many women will find that they are able to conceive with professional help.

Stay Healthy During Treatments

The patient receiving fertility treatments will want to remain healthy. This will be an emotional time, and eating the right foods should help to keep the person in a good emotional state. Family and friends can also be used to provide moral support. A successful treatment will also mean that the woman will need to monitor her health carefully during the pregnancy especially since the conception has been difficult.


Have a look at treatment against chronic disorder

Well there are is many disorders that are being faced by people and sometimes it also becomes difficult to heal some types of disorders. Now if we talk about what all type of disorders are being faced by people then definitely the name of chronic disorder will always come on the top. Now if we talk about shockwave therapy NYC then yes it is getting very much relevant these days. Now here were actually talking about chronic inflammation. Well chronic pain is something that is mainly caused in sports person and hence it becomes difficult to cure even sometimes.

  • Well now day’s extracorporeal shock wave therapy is getting much relevant these days and it is actually used very much in order to deal with chronic disorder.
  • Well it is one of the most advanced and famous therapy that is now going these days in order to deal with disorders that are being faced by people.
  • Disorders no doubt are mainly being faced by the sports people as they undergo with so many types of injuries and hence with coming up of the latest shockwave therapy then definitely many disorders are being cured because of this.

Not all the hospitals have the facility of this shockwave therapy since it is one of the most advanced one but if we talk about the place in New York where it is being done then definitely the name of New York dynamic neuromuscular rehabilitation will always come on the top. They are one of the top and yes there results have definitely proved beneficial the advanced technology that is being used by them has really given exceptional performance.  Well it is done under guidance after the proper checkup and ultrasound is being done. Well it is said to be the most advanced and non invasive treatment that is being done.

  • Well it is one of the treatments that are exclusively for tendon, muscle as well as bone disorders.
  • The technology that is being used is really high wave technology that really works fast and has actually given better results
  • It actually produces high frequency sound waves that initiates body to perform the action
  • Well over the years it has been proved that the high waves and the slow waves almost produces the same results and hence now days it’s is possible to go with both
  • Well with the treatment being done bit of injury is also done to the body in order to treat the disorder that is being caused
  • Well with the therapy and shock waves tiny ruptures are being created and that actually causes problems
  • This actually increase the blood supply and hence there is increase in oxygen supply

Since we have discussed a lot about therapy and we need to give the end to this discussion, so the association that has been discussed above has really given best of the results and if you are dealing with chronic disorder you can go with it.

Why can’t I get pregnant – 5 most common reasons

Problems with procreation affect more and more couples. It is estimated that over 10 percent of all couples suffer from infertility which means that out of every 10 one has troubles conceiving. So why cannot they get pregnant? – a lot of women trying unsuccessfully to have a baby asks themselves such a question. The answer to this is not simple, because fertility may be affected by very different factors. Find out what are the most common causes of problems with the pregnancy.

If you want to get pregnant, but despite attempts you have not yet reached fertilization you probably start to worry. Experts assure us, however, that in most cases there is no reason for concern. A lot depends on how long you are trying to have a baby. Approximately 80% of couples comes to conceive after six months of efforts, and the pregnancy rate is as high as 90% after 12 months of trying. Infertility is defined as a situation when a couple has been unsuccessfully trying to conceive for over a year.

Infertility may be caused by many factors and here are some of them.

Health problems within female reproductive system

The organs of reproductive system are the most important to be taken into account when diagnosing infertility. Any disturbance regarding the system can cause severe problems with either conceiving or sustaining a pregnancy. Among them there are blocked fallopian tubes, inflammation in the pelvic cavity and scarring of the fallopian tubes, endometriosis. fibroids, defects of the uterus and the cervix or “hostile” cervical mucus (when female body produces antibodies against partner’s sperm, which damages and destroys them). Any of those may effectively disable woman’s ability to get pregnant.


There are many illnesses that may directly cause infertility. Either sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, metabolic diseases like diabetes as well as cancer and anticancer therapy can cause temporary or permanent lack of ability to conceive. Also Infections within the genitourinary, especially when recurrent, untreated or inadequately treated. Infection in the small pelvis, such as inflammation of the appendages or the bladder can result in adhesions which can cause tubal obstruction and as a result problems with fertilization.

Female hormonal abnormalities

One of the most common factor causing problems with conceiving are irregular hormone levels. Hormonal disorders can complicate pregnancy or make it impossible. Hormones have a huge impact on our health and balance of the whole body, both physically and mentally. In healthy organism amounts of female hormones change throughout menstruation cycle causing exfoliation of endometrium and ovulation, regulating fertile days and possibility for an egg to be fertilized and for embryo to nest in uterus. When hormonal balance is breached one or more functions of reproductive system can be compromised. Too high or too low levels of hormones, both gonadal steroids as well as other hormones in circulatory system may cause lack of ovulation, irregular menstruations and as a result infertility.

Male factor

There is a widespread belief that infertility affects only women. However approximately half of cases of infertility include male factor which mean the problems with conception or sustaining pregnancy are caused solely or partially by men’s conditions and age. The issues connected to male fertility are sperm count, the quality of the cells, their motility and viability, their genetics as well as all of the circumstances regarding the coherence of male and female partner. That is why expect for conditions such as azoospermia or necrospermia, there is a full range of problem caused by both male and female lowered capacity for procreation. Very often reduced potential fertility of a man is compensated for high potential women’s fertility and contrary, but in case when female ability is compromised as well the couple cannot get pregnant.

Lifestyle-related factors

For both female and male partner the general health, fitness and lifestyle are important to maintain high level of fertility. The disruptions in nutrition, addictions, too high or too low body mass, excessive stress, insufficiencies in sleep may all cause lowered potential for procreation. They influence the quality of reproductive cells, functioning of reproductive system and general health including if female body is ready for pregnancy and able to sustain it. Also any negative factors can block fertilization and harm embryo or foetus.

Those and other factor can impede getting pregnant and need to be taken into consideration while trying. Especially if a couple displays symptoms of infertility should be alerted and take care of their health and wellbeing. Getting the information is essential – for more details on possible reasons for infertility visit http://www.invictaclinics.com/i-cant-get-pregnant/causes-of-infertility/. And don’t lose your hope. If you experience troubles getting pregnant, reporting to a clinic specializing in treatment of infertility is recommended. The doctor carries out the necessary comprehensive examination and analyses which allow to decide on best treatment options. The best choice on the place for diagnosis and therapy of infertility is to use dependable facilities with highest reputation and quality of care and treatment. Either it is preliminary consultation or full treatment you are seeking the best option is number one fertility facility in Poland which is INVICTA Fertility Clinic.

How teeth whitening could benefit your life

One of the most common request dentists are receiving is to whiten their patient’s teeth. Teeth whitening has taken off and it’s easy to see why. This fairly simple process can do wonders for a person’s overall confidence and appearance.

Teeth whitening may fit into your overall health care goals. Always feel free to talk with your dentist about the best ways to proceed to keep your mouth happy, healthy and looking the way you want. Let’s take a look at whether or not teeth whitening may be right for you.

Reasons why teeth change color

There can be a variety of reasons teeth color may change over the course of a person’s life. Diet and habits are two of the main factors. Food and drink, particularly coffee, tea and red wine are major culprits in staining teeth. Tobacco use is also another major cause. Age, trauma to the mouth and medications such as some high blood pressure medications can all play a part in altering the color of your teeth.

The teeth whitening process

The good news is teeth whitening is a fairly simply process. Although there are various methods available, the most common is the professional application of gel like substance to your teeth. It will contain a type of bleach either being hydrogen peroxide or carbanide peroxide. What the bleach will do is work to break down the stains into smaller pieces. This in turn will make the color less concentrated and the teeth will look brighter.

Consult with a dentist

Not all type of teeth will react to bleaching the same way. Yellow teeth have a tendency to respond well to bleaching whereas browner teeth may not show as noticeable results. Injured teeth also need to be taken into account when considering if this procedure is right for you. Take a look around your area for teeth whitening Dublin to find some of the best dentists to consult with if this process is right for you. A well trained dentist will be able to look at your mouth and determine the cause of discoloration and if you will benefit from following through on a teeth whitening procedure.

Increase self esteem

Having your teeth whitened can be seen as more of a cosmetic procedure but the added benefits are often not always thought of. Once such discoloration happens some people’s self-esteem can really take a nose dive. This can have negative consequences from not putting your best self forward for job interviews to even avoiding going out with friends because of being self-conscious. Limiting the amount you smile may also have a direct effect on overall attitude and mood. So if you have been on the fence and wondering if teeth whitening really is worth it for you the answer is you are worth it. Always consult with your dentist so you can move forward in the most effective manner possible to your improved self and smile.

This is a great time to be looking to improve your health and put the best version of yourself out there to the world. We have more resources and treatments available than ever before and as the New Year rolls in, this is the time to create your best self.

Keep The Winter Weight Off With The Right Gym

Traditional gyms charge a membership fee that must be paid on a regular basis – generally biweekly, monthly or yearly. The problem with this system is that you can easily end up paying fees for months you never went to the gym and end up wasting a lot of money. Some gyms in Toronto Ontario offer a remarkable alternative called pay-per-use, which simply means that you only pay for the times when you actually go to the gym and avoid wasting your money. However, if you choose to use a pay-per-use gym consistently, don’t worry about over-spending. These gyms also generally offer a cap on their prices that rival annual membership fees at nearby gyms.

The best pay-per-use gym in Toronto, Striation 6, has highly trained staff members who are delighted to assist you in any way they possibly can and will help you achieve your fitness goals. The staff will provide the enthusiasm and motivation you need to keep on going strong, even in the winter months. During your training, you can: lose the weight you need, become fit, and (inevitably) feel extremely good about yourself and what you have accomplished. Personal health is possible when there are people at the best gyms in Toronto to help, guide, and support you both mentally and physically every step of the way.

Exercising equipment that is modern, and able to keep up with today’s challenges is a must in any gym you choose. Look for a gym with trainers on-site to give you personal assistance and coaching to explain how the machinery works –to ensure your success. Keeping yourself challenged without overexerting yourself is necessary to gain the fitness level you desire. Knowing which machines will work best for you and instructing you on how to use them are a part of what the coaches are there for, so take advantage of them!

Fitness classes such as yoga, bicycling, or martial arts add new dimension to your workouts and when you are only paying for the classes you actually attend it gets even better. Combining a pay-per-use plan with specialty services in your Toronto gym just makes sense. The best gyms will also offer babysitting services for your children while you exercise, and spa-like services like facials or even waxing.

We all have days when we just do not want to work out, period; however, when you choose the right gym with the right amenities, it can become easier to force yourself to go. When you no longer have to be concerned with childcare, and you can treat yourself to something that makes you feel beautiful afterwards, suddenly going to the gym becomes a whole lot more palatable. Once the weight starts to come off, you will feel your strength and resilience improve, and with these results you will start to love the gym. Exercise is about so much more than physical appearance; it is about how you feel about yourself and knowing you are stronger, both mentally and physically, because of it.

Blow Your Pain Away: Massage You’ll Love

Trigger point massage is when you have a tight area in your muscle tissue that is causing you to have pain in other areas of your body. You may find that this pain is either a dull ache or it may be an intense sharp pain that you may be experiencing. This pain can be in your neck but the cause point could be in the back. Then you may have the pain in your neck that begins to affect your head… this is how trigger point generally works. So in order for you to get rid of the pain that you are experiencing you would want to have trigger point massage.

Knowing what tripper point pain is only consists of part of your problem. Now that you know what it is you should know some of the benefits that you can find when you have therapy done on those trigger point massages that you want to have. Massage therapy in and of itself is very helpful. It can reduce stress, it is relaxing and it is definitely a great way to get rid of pain, but trigger therapy can be a bit different than other massage therapy treatments you may know of or be accustomed to.

A trigger point is a very tender spot that you will find in your body. It is sometimes found in an isolated area in a certain muscle group… this area can cause shooting pain to other parts of your body whenever it is stimulated. A great advantage of trigger point massage therapy is that it can identify and work on specific areas and points of your body. This is generally an area that the pain is found… it can provide a great treatment of the pain that you are experiencing.

The pain that most trigger point massage therapists will see is seen in the back, hips or shoulders. Depending upon the size of the pain that you are having, you may need a few sessions to make sure that the pain you’re experiencing doesn’t continue. If you are experiencing trigger point pain and need to have trigger point massage, you need to find a great therapist that focuses in that area that is near you immediately. For those that are looking for trigger point massage in Minneapolis, MN here are some of the best places that you may want to consider.

Peace Is At Hand: If you are looking to have your peace restored and your pain eliminated, this is a great place for you to visit. You will find that every touch you experience will have a foundation of healing and they will also be effective. We provide a safe, comfortable, secure and serene environment for you here.

Healthy Touch Massage & Wellness: We make sure that our massage therapists have a flair that is individual but still shows what we are about. We make sure they are passionate about massage and we make sure that it comes across in every action and every moment you spend with us.

What does it Take to Become a Doctor?

As far as career choices go, being a doctor is one of the most personally and financially rewarding professions which you will find, being able to spend your days making people’s lives better, curing diseases and fixing problems. Being a doctor is also one of the toughest jobs on the planet, just getting there is difficult enough let alone doing the job itself and if you want to be a doctor then you are going to need to possess a very special set of skills in order to do so.

You can choose several different field of medicine to specialize in from pediatrics to oncology or you could even go on o become a top neurosurgeon like Joseph Yazdi if you work hard enough. Regardless of which branch of medicine you work in, the skills required remain the same and here are just some of the characteristics which you’ll need to possess in order to succeed.

Hard Working

Doctors are without question some of the hardest workers around, the sheer amount of work that you need to put in just to be educated as a doctor is extreme and once you have got yourself a job then you will be looking at incredibly long hours and very little breaks. To be a doctor you are really going to have to put the hours in.

Handle Pressure

As a doctor your decision will be the difference, quite literally, between life and death and in order to make those decisions to the best of your ability you will need to be able to cope well with pressure. Sometimes the decisions that you make will have to be done quickly and you need to make such decisions based purely on fact and devoid of all emotion.

Be Highly Intelligent

In oder to become a doctor you will need to have an extremely high level of intellect if you’re going to succeed. The amount of knowledge that you are required to have as a doctor is astonishing and your brain must be able to store all of this information as well as being able to make detailed assessments and keep up to date on new treatments, medicines and procedures. Hard work will get you far as a doctor but without being incredibly smart then the work alone isn’t enough.

Good Networker

It may not appear like it but doctor’s do not work alone, on the contrary, they often converse with fellow professionals about treatment options amongst a whole range of things. The best doctors are great networkers who have friends that specialize in a number of different areas. This way when a doctor finds a rarity or a problem that they are unsure of they can seek out advice form those who know best. Doctors do not fly solo and if you want to become a doctor then you are going to need to be able to make friends and work in a large community.

Using Lasers to Rid Your Face of Wrinkles

There are many products in the beauty industry now that help to improve the health of a person’s skin. One of those is laser wrinkle removal. Many people are interested in Newport Beach wrinkle removal because nobody really wants to look old, no matter how much we say that we should grow old gracefully. Unfortunately, the Fountain of Youth is yet to be discovered and there is no way to completely eliminate the signs of aging. But it is possible to at least make the skin look healthier, and thereby younger as well. Laser wrinkle removal is now one of the most popular methods of achieving that.

Through laser treatment, it is possible to get rid of sun damage and some age damage, while at the same time promoting the natural growth of skin cells, making the skin look glowing and healthy. This is one of the better procedures out there, and particularly for those who want to get rid of wrinkles in their neck and face. The best thing is that it visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth and eyes, and on the cheeks. Plus, it helps to improve overall complexion because it gets rid of any uneven tones in the area that is targeted.

Why Laser Wrinkle Removal Is so Popular

The popularity of this treatment is due in part because of the fact that it is so effective in removing wrinkles. Added to this, however, is that fact it is a very quick procedure and one that does not involve any pain. Once the procedure has been completed, your skin will look younger and healthier instantly. Another benefit is that the treatment can last for as long as year, if not more. This as opposed to antiwrinkle creams that are only effective if you actually use them consistently once or twice per day. Then, there is the fact that the treatment is surprisingly affordable. Aging is caused by damage to the collagen and elastin in the skin. If production of these two are increased, which laser can do by heating up those areas of the skin, then the skin will look healthier again.

Before you have laser wrinkle removal completed, however, you have to speak to your physician. Meet the doctor who will supervise your procedure and make sure they are aware of your medical history. In so doing, you will be less likely to suffer negative side effects, and the doctor will be able to determine whether or not the procedure is right for you. Furthermore, you absolutely have to check that your physician is fully licensed and registered.

Having laser wrinkle removal is perfect for people who want to get rid of frown lines, crows’ feet, and facial wrinkles. The procedure works on the signs of aging, acne, and sun damage. Essentially, it removes the skin’s top layer. Sometimes, several treatments are required in order for the procedure to be truly effective. And effective it is!