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Using Lasers to Rid Your Face of Wrinkles

There are many products in the beauty industry now that help to improve the health of a person’s skin. One of those is laser wrinkle removal. Many people are interested in Newport Beach wrinkle removal because nobody really wants to look old, no matter how much we say that we should grow old gracefully. Unfortunately, the Fountain of Youth is yet to be discovered and there is no way to completely eliminate the signs of aging. But it is possible to at least make the skin look healthier, and thereby younger as well. Laser wrinkle removal is now one of the most popular methods of achieving that.

Through laser treatment, it is possible to get rid of sun damage and some age damage, while at the same time promoting the natural growth of skin cells, making the skin look glowing and healthy. This is one of the better procedures out there, and particularly for those who want to get rid of wrinkles in their neck and face. The best thing is that it visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth and eyes, and on the cheeks. Plus, it helps to improve overall complexion because it gets rid of any uneven tones in the area that is targeted.

Why Laser Wrinkle Removal Is so Popular

The popularity of this treatment is due in part because of the fact that it is so effective in removing wrinkles. Added to this, however, is that fact it is a very quick procedure and one that does not involve any pain. Once the procedure has been completed, your skin will look younger and healthier instantly. Another benefit is that the treatment can last for as long as year, if not more. This as opposed to antiwrinkle creams that are only effective if you actually use them consistently once or twice per day. Then, there is the fact that the treatment is surprisingly affordable. Aging is caused by damage to the collagen and elastin in the skin. If production of these two are increased, which laser can do by heating up those areas of the skin, then the skin will look healthier again.

Before you have laser wrinkle removal completed, however, you have to speak to your physician. Meet the doctor who will supervise your procedure and make sure they are aware of your medical history. In so doing, you will be less likely to suffer negative side effects, and the doctor will be able to determine whether or not the procedure is right for you. Furthermore, you absolutely have to check that your physician is fully licensed and registered.

Having laser wrinkle removal is perfect for people who want to get rid of frown lines, crows’ feet, and facial wrinkles. The procedure works on the signs of aging, acne, and sun damage. Essentially, it removes the skin’s top layer. Sometimes, several treatments are required in order for the procedure to be truly effective. And effective it is!

Swallow a Balloon and Lose Weight – Could it Really Be that Easy?

The world is facing a huge crisis, with obesity now being a true pandemic. The market is filled with exercise programs, weight loss pills, and diet books, and it has become near impossible to tell which ones of those are the real deal. What we do know is that there are some people who are beyond the point at which they can help themselves through diet and exercise, and for them, surgical procedures are available. One of those is the gastric balloon. While this is a minimally invasive procedure, as it only involves an endoscopy, it remains a medical procedure. This means that there are risks attached to it. Furthermore, few people truly understand what the gastric balloon is and how it will help them to lose weight.

Understanding the Gastric Balloon

If someone is obese, but their BMI has not yet reached the gastric surgery threshold, the gastric balloon could be an option for them. The procedure is fairly simply, as a surgeon simply inserts a balloon into the stomach through an endoscopy, after which it is filled with a saline solution. Because the balloon takes up most of the space in the stomach, people can’t eat as much and will begin to lose weight. The balloon can remain in place for six months, giving people the chance to get their weight down and to develop new heathier habits to help them maintain their weight.

The gastric balloon has been designed to not deflate during the six months that it is in place. This is one of the reasons why it has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Even if it were to deflate, measures are in place to make sure people know about it. The balloon is filled with a saline solution with blue dye, which would turn urine blue should it leak, at which point the patient can ask to have it removed. In very rare cases, the deflated balloon can be defecated out of the system.

In 2008, a comprehensive study into the effectiveness and safety of gastric balloons showed that just 4% of people had the balloon removed early. A very small minority of these had it removed because of balloon deflation. The study also showed that people lost 12.5% of their original weight within the six month period. The study, completed by Columbia University, showed that gastric balloon patients who did not diet would lose 8% of their weight in three months, whereas those that had the balloon and dieted as well would lose as much as 16%. In the majority of cases, this weight loss has so far been permanent, even months after the removal of the gastric balloon.

When you have the balloon fitted, you will usually have to take medication for around 48 hours to stop yourself from feeling sick. These side effects are mild and certainly don’t outweigh the benefits of the procedure. As a result, it is quickly becoming one of the most popular medical weight loss solutions.

Non-Invasive, Non-surgical, but Highly Effective Rejuvenation Therapy – Is it Finally Possible?

One of the latest trends in the cosmetic industry is ultherapy. It is now easy to find ultherapy in San Jose, CA, enabling you to access a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure that delivers excellent results using nothing but ultrasound. It helps to tighten loose skin and lift it, while at the same time focusing on the body’s natural health process.

Ultherapy is now approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. It uses time tested, completely safe ultrasound energy in order to stimulate the skin’s deep structural layers of support. This includes those that are usually targeted through a facelift.

What Is Unique about Ultherapy?

Ultherapy is currently the only type of noninvasive treatment that can target specifically the skin’s deep foundations, something that is usually only possible through full surgery. Furthermore, it is the only procedure of its kind in as such that it uses ultrasound imaging. In so doing, physicians can look at the layers of skin that they will target when you receive your treatment, while at the same time being able to deposit the ultrasound energy exactly where it is needed.

In the past, lasers were more popular but these addressed the more superficial parts of the skin like pigment changes, wrinkles, and fine lines. Through ultherapy, however, you can have the deeper layers of the skin targeted, thereby achieving results similar to those of cosmetic surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What type of technology does ultherapy use?
  2. Ultherapy uses an FDA approved ultrasound piece of equipment to deliver ultrasound technology to specific parts of the body. Ultrasound has been used in various medical applications for a very long time.
  3. Is ultherapy actually surgery?
  4. Certainly not. It is very different, for instance, from a facelift, because ultherapy is completely noninvasive. No skin will be cut, nor will the surface be disrupted.
  5. Can I have ultherapy instead of a facelift?
  6. Not really. Ultherapy isn’t a facelift, it is more of an uplift. This means it doesn’t actually replace full surgery. However, it is a fantastic alternative for those who don’t want to go under the knife, or who haven’t aged as much yet, or for those who want to prolong the results of procedures they have already had. Furthermore, it is a safer and far less expensive alternative.
  7. Is ultherapy really safe?
  8. Absolutely! This is why it has received FDA approval, which means clinical studies have demonstrated both effectiveness and safety. Furthermore, it uses ultrasound energy, which has been around as a medical treatment for more than half a century.

Is Ultherapy Right for You?

In order for you to be a good candidate for ultherapy, your skin must have already relaxed significantly, so that it doesn’t feel or look as firm anymore. Some signs include sagging eyelid skin or a lowering eyebrow line, for instance. This usually happens when people reach their thirties, and particularly when they have skin laxity issues.

Top Tips on Losing Weight

With the holiday season coming up many of us are more than well aware that we may well end up putting on some extra pounds, it seems every house that you go to during this time of year is full of food to enjoy and it is only right to indulge a little. As a result, many of us will head into January with one thing on our minds, losing weight.

There are hundreds of different schemes and faddy diets out there that you could try out but the truth is that very few of them actually work in the long term and in reality, losing weight is a simple practice that requires planning and hard work. To help you make your January plan, here are some tips that will help you shed that winter fat.


Let’s start of with the quickest way for you to lose fat fast, surgery. It may not be for everyone and some may not be able to afford it but for those who can I can absolutely recommend getting fat removal surgery to give you the best kickstart you need to lose weight. I always found it tough to shed the pounds and didn’t like the idea of invasive surgery to help me out, then I read about laser liposuction, a way of burning fat through the use of lasers, it was instant and I’m so pleased I did  it, the clinic was great too, very helpful and friendly, take a look at the Sono Bello reviews to see for yourself.


Everyone knows that in order to lose weight, you need to exercise, you cannot do it though dieting alone with any great speed. I don’t wish to preach to you about the fact that you should exercise, more the best way to go about it. People who are used to exercising can throw themselves straight into a hard work out plan, if you don’t usually exercise however, this will not work well for you, you might fail and feel insanely tired which will dampen your spirit and possible lead you to stop. Far better then, that you start off slow and build it up, cardio is the best type of exercise for weight loss and there are great benefits to slower forms of exercise such as yoga and pilates. Start of with 30 minutes exercise per day and build it up as you get stronger and fitter.


I just want to talk a bit about how you diet, the rules are simple, cut out the fat, increase your fruit and vegetables and replace junk food with healthy alternatives, we all know what they are even if sometimes we choose to ignore them. When approaching your diet you should try to keep a tracker, this will help you stick to your plan, the most important part of dieting is planning ahead. The best thing I can recommend as far as planning goes is to make a list on Sunday about what you will eat in the week ahead, go to the supermarket and buy exactly what is on your list and then prepare your food ahead of time. This will help you to avoid eating convenience junk food and will keep you continuously thinking about your diet whiten turn makes you less likely to fail.

How to Talk About Drug Addiction

Serving as an extremely uncomfortable conversation for many, it is sometimes a conversation that needs to be had none the less. Let’s face it, drug addiction in the first place is unsightly and talking about it can sometimes feel even worse. If you do find yourself in a situation that leads to a conversation about drug addition, whether it’s a planned conversation or not, you’ll want to make sure that you cater the conversation to benefit whoever you are speaking with. Because this in itself can vary quite a bit as noted by drug addiction professionals such as Heather Taras Drugs, you’ll want to first take a look at the information below. Hopefully, after reading, you’ll feel a little more confident in your drug addiction conversation skills.

Who to talk to about drug addiction

Depending on what situation you are in and what your profession is, you’ll find that the scenarios are endless. If you’re a teacher or a professor, you may find that you need to speak about drug addiction quite frequently if you teach a related course of some sort. If you work at an elementary school, you’ll find that there may come a time and a place during a seminar where you’ll need to lightly discuss the topic with the young ones. You may also be a parent who needs to discuss the topic of drugs and drug addiction with your children. This may occur simply because you want them to understand the negatives of drugs before they come into contact with them or they may have already seen or heard something and need a little clarification on the subject.

Where to talk about drug addiction

This is a big one. First of all, you never want to get into a detailed and heated conversation about drug addiction in a highly public place unless it’s at a school of some sort. Speaking in a public place such as the middle of a restaurant or shopping mall may make the other person in the conversation nervous and unsure, which in turn dilutes the point that you’re trying to get across. Also, having a bunch of distractions happening all around you never plays well into a heavy conversation of such importance.

How to talk about drug addition

When first bringing up the subject matter, it’s important to first state why the conversation is about the happen before diving straight into it. You’ll also want to take into account the age of the person you’re speaking with and how much influence drugs have played in their life, whether directly or indirectly. When speaking with young ones, it’s important to get your point across without scaring them with gruesome details or confusing them with big words. If speaking with a teenager, you can get away with using more detail in your conversation and by speaking of personal experiences if you have any.

As you can see from the information stated above, there are plenty of different situations where a drug addiction conversation may take place, as well as a few where you may want to hold off on the conversation until a later date. Either way, it’s best to know what to do or say while also knowing when to even start the conversation. Once you understand these ‘rules’ if you will, then you’ll be much more likely to have a successful, less stressful conversation about drug addiction.

What does it Take to Become a Doctor?

As far as career choices go, being a doctor is one of the most personally and financially rewarding professions which you will find, being able to spend your days making people’s lives better, curing diseases and fixing problems. Being a doctor is also one of the toughest jobs on the planet, just getting there is difficult enough let alone doing the job itself and if you want to be a doctor then you are going to need to possess a very special set of skills in order to do so.

You can choose several different field of medicine to specialize in from pediatrics to oncology or you could even go on o become a top neurosurgeon like Joseph Yazdi if you work hard enough. Regardless of which branch of medicine you work in, the skills required remain the same and here are just some of the characteristics which you’ll need to possess in order to succeed.

Hard Working

Doctors are without question some of the hardest workers around, the sheer amount of work that you need to put in just to be educated as a doctor is extreme and once you have got yourself a job then you will be looking at incredibly long hours and very little breaks. To be a doctor you are really going to have to put the hours in.

Handle Pressure

As a doctor your decision will be the difference, quite literally, between life and death and in order to make those decisions to the best of your ability you will need to be able to cope well with pressure. Sometimes the decisions that you make will have to be done quickly and you need to make such decisions based purely on fact and devoid of all emotion.

Be Highly Intelligent

In oder to become a doctor you will need to have an extremely high level of intellect if you’re going to succeed. The amount of knowledge that you are required to have as a doctor is astonishing and your brain must be able to store all of this information as well as being able to make detailed assessments and keep up to date on new treatments, medicines and procedures. Hard work will get you far as a doctor but without being incredibly smart then the work alone isn’t enough.

Good Networker

It may not appear like it but doctor’s do not work alone, on the contrary, they often converse with fellow professionals about treatment options amongst a whole range of things. The best doctors are great networkers who have friends that specialize in a number of different areas. This way when a doctor finds a rarity or a problem that they are unsure of they can seek out advice form those who know best. Doctors do not fly solo and if you want to become a doctor then you are going to need to be able to make friends and work in a large community.

Diets To Help You Lose Weight

Anyone trying to deal with obesity knows how difficult it is to shed those extra pounds. Especially for food lovers, weight loss is a torturous process. However, maintaining a healthy weight has many benefits, and you too can attain ideal body shape by practicing self-control and discipline.


You are perhaps aware of the core concept of weight loss: Burn more calories than you eat. It is a difficult and long process. It restricts most of your favorite food items from the diet.

Most people look for diets that can help them lose weight quickly. This can help them look better for a big function, or help boost their motivation for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. While quick results are great, you must on stress your body and deprive it of essential nutrients.

Hundreds of diet plans have been made and followed over the past few years. Below are 3 of the most common and effective types of weight loss diets.

Detox-Cleanse Diets

These are quick weight loss diet plans that can help you lose a lot of weight within a short span of time. The aim is to rid the body of various toxins. Over the period of this diet, you will eat very little food. Your diet will mostly comprise of organic fruits and vegetables. Drinking lot of water is recommended as well. You can also take a supplement to speed up the cleansing process.

This definitely reduces bloating and water weight. One disadvantage of these diets is that they often cause diarrhea and therefore, weakness.

Low Carb Diets

For someone in the early phase of weight loss, the low-carb diets are ideal. By avoiding almost all carbohydrates for that period, you will see some quick results. During the period of this diet, your meals will consist of protein and some nutritious vegetables.
For satisfactory results, you are recommended to avoid dairy and fruits. Do not consume grains or anything sugary.

In the first 2 weeks of the low carb diet, people often lose around 10 pounds. After that, you can slowly add carbohydrate back into the diet. Even though the rate of weight loss slows down, you will still lose weight.

The Very Low-Calorie Diets

Overnight weight loss is a myth. However, losing a huge portion of your excess weight over a short period is possible with VLC diets. These will help you prevent weight gain, without starving.

You can use these to maintain an ideal body figure and weight. Like the name suggests, it allows extremely low-calorie consumption each day. You can follow a comprehensive weight loss solution based on a VLC diet (very low calorie) for maximum results.

The diet charts are prepared by dieting experts and must contain recommended daily requirements for proteins, minerals, vitamins, trace elements and fatty acids. It is advised to seek medical advice before trying this diet.

Some VLC Diet products can be used as well. The product is a powder which can be mixed in water. However, you should not consume it for more than 3 to 7 days as it can have an impact on your health.

All of these diets show great results when followed properly. While attaining quick weight, the loss can help motivate you for further progress, none of these show lasting results. You must follow a healthy and balanced diet, and exercise regularly to see a positive change.

While trying to attain the ideal body shape, do not deprive your body of nutrients and calories that are essential for proper function. Also, emphasize on drinking enough water every day as it can boost metabolism.

Why Wartrol is the Best Solution for Your Wart Problem


A recent survey conducted proves that a huge percentage of the world population are having warts problem, although majority of the respondents are either unaware or simply taking the wart problems for granted as most of them believe that warts would go away sooner than later (which is half true, but depends on the level of warts that are present within the body). There are different procedures in order to treat warts, and thanks to the Wartrol, there won’t be a need for those who are affected to undergo a surgical procedure or spend much for a treatment. Let’s take a further look at different reasons why Wartrol would be the best possible options to remove warts.

Wartrol is now available in the market

There is no need for you to visit or run to your nearest pharmacy, Wartrol, a wart removal liquid solution is available for orders online and would be delivered to your doorsteps. Therefore, you can save from transportation expense like gasoline or taxi fare, not to mention it will save you a lot of time to do other task or household chores.

Wartrol is safe and proven to be effective

Wartrol is easy and safe to use, all you have to do is to clean the area with wart infection and place a single drop of the wart liquid solution and allow at least 20 minutes and see the immediate result.

Wartrol is inexpensive

Unlike those expensive procedures and treatment for warts (some are even painful), the price for Wartrol to solve your wart problems is very affordable, their site is even providing options in order for you to receive a free bottle.

Wartrol is Painless

Imagine how painful it is if you are to undergo a wart operation in order for the virus to be removed plus the healing period required, not to mention the additional medicine or cream that you need to maintain while healing. All these would be gone, simply by following the regular application of Wartrol solution.

You have surely heard enough why Wartrol is the best possible solution to solve your wart problems. With proper application, healthy lifestyle and good hygiene, you would surely enjoy the benefits of living wart free, freedom from warts and danger of it to affect and multiply in other parts of your body. Not to mention the freedom of worrying from possible future issues and rejection from your significant other.

Teeth Whitening: How the 3 Types Vary

Having bright white teeth is a great confidence booster. No one flaunts stained and yellow teeth. If you have dingy and unappealing teeth, there are now ways to fix it. Before you start considering ways to improve the overall appearance of your teeth, it is important to understand what causes discoloration.

Apart from natural tone of teeth, what you consume plays an active role in the discoloration. If you smoke and drink regularly, and consume a lot of sugary items, you are more likely to have stained teeth. In addition, as age increases the enamel breaks down and is unable to prevent discoloration.

Regular cleaning is recommended but that is not enough to help maintain desirable teeth color. Teeth whitening is one of the most common dental procedures today. Tooth whitening lightens teeth and helps to remove stains and discoloration. There are many different options but they can be majorly classified into 3 main groups:

  • Natural Whitening
  • Laser Whitening
  • Home Whitening


Natural Whitening

Many people try to avoid the use of chemicals in general. Relying on natural remedies to whiten your teeth seems ideal if you are one of them. These techniques generally use solutions with organic or herbal compositions.

Some people complain that this alternative is not as effective as other methods available. While results vary for different people, and results may take the time to be visible, this method also poses less threat of damage to gums and teeth. It is advised to avoid natural solutions like lemon juice, which are made with bases with acidic properties.


Laser Whitening

Laser whitening is conducted by a professional in a dental office and has the highest success rate. The process is simple and you can see results immediately.

The doctor will cover your teeth in a peroxide gel and request you to sit with your mouth. He will then expose your teeth to argon. The light triggers a chemical reaction in the peroxide gel and results in teeth whitening. Laser whitening, also commonly called in-office teeth whitening, takes only about 1 hour but may cost between $500 to $1000.

Home Whitening

Because the aforementioned techniques are either less effective or too expensive, many people decide to opt for home whitening systems. This basically involves using over the counter products such as trays, strips, or brush on gels to whiten teeth. Companies have upgraded the formula of these products over the years and application is easier now. For example, strips which used to slide off easily now fit better. In fact, you can even drink while you have them on. You can customize trays according to your bite pattern. The brush on gels tastes better in general.

Possible Drawbacks of Each Type

There are drawbacks to all of the types of teeth whitening. Despite popular belief, natural teeth whitening can cause harm to teeth if acid based products are used. It requires frequent application and takes longer to show effect. Laser whitening is very expensive and may require touch-ups every 6 months. Even though home teeth whitening kits save a lot of time and money, but the same level of result cannot be expected.

Your decision to choose one of the aforementioned methods should depend on what level of whitening you need. Aggressive solutions are recommended if teeth are heavily stained. Non-professional whitening is recommended if the discoloration is not so serious. This may require frequent whitening but it is easier on the pocket. Before taking a decision, it is best to talk to your dentist and consider all the options. Only a professional will be able to suggest what method is best for your teeth.

I Have Ovarian Cysts. Now What?

Having an ovarian cyst is a quite normal occurrence, and most women will at least have one in her lifetime. Yet knowing that is common doesn’t explain why it happens and what one is supposed to do about it. For a phenomenon that seems to affect almost 50% of the population at one point or another, we seem to have a poor understanding of ovarian cysts. Now it’s time to dispel the darkness and give women’s health the spotlight by answering a few questions that we have about cysts:

  1. What causes cysts?

There are different types of ovarian cysts though the most common type, called functional, is related to normal menstruation cycle functions. When your ovaries produce eggs, they do so in these little follicles. These burst as they release a mature egg during ovulation. In cases when something doesn’t go quite right, these don’t burst and continue to fill with fluid turning into a cyst. They usually go away themselves within a few months without any issues.  However, there are other types of cysts that mostly differ in the tissue that they develop from.

  1. Do they hurt?

Though most women won’t even realize that they have had ovarian cysts as they come and go painlessly. However, depending on the type, size, and location of the cyst it might cause discomfort or pain during intercourse, bowel movements and pressure on your bladder as you experience symptoms similar to ones in early pregnancy. If a cyst is near or has just burst you may experience sudden, sharp pain in your pelvic or abdominal area which might bring on a fever or vomiting. In this situation, get immediate medical attention.

  1. Does this mean I have a greater risk for cancer?

There has been no research done that supports the claim that women who develop ovarian cysts are more likely to develop ovarian cancer. However, if you have a family history of cancer of this kind you might want to have your doctor monitor you more closely. Otherwise, tone down the anxiety and schedule an appointment to get all the answers you want, because it’s always better to be cautious.

  1. Is there anything I can do to minimize my cysts?

There is really nothing that a woman can do to minimize her existing cysts. However, there are some things that she can do to prevent new ones from forming. Some doctors prescribe birth control or other hormone-based medications to decrease the chance of forming new cysts. If you know that you are prone to developing cysts, it’s a good idea to regularly have pelvic exams to monitor the state of existing cysts and watch if new ones form.

  1. What happens if my cyst bursts?

In the extremely painful situation in which an ovarian cysts ruptures, it can cause internal bleeding. That’s why it’s extremely important to get immediate medical assistance if you suspect that your cyst has ruptured.

  1. How do cysts affect my menstrual cycle?

Depending on the physiology of the cyst you have, it may be causing irregular cycles. This has to do with the release (or retention) of the egg in the follicle and hormonal changes associated with it.

Though cysts are seemingly a normal part of being a woman, these are important questions you should ask your gynecologist. Depending on the answers you receive, you might have other questions, especially in certain situations like if you are fertility planning. Every woman is different and if you are experiencing any symptoms or irregularities associated with cysts, make an appointment with your primary medical care provider or your gynecologist.