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Food and Fitness 101 for College Students

Food and fitness – these two essential things go things go hand in hand. In college, though, getting regular physical fitness and eating right can be hard – usually because you are spending most of the time studying and eating junk food. However, if you want to do well in school, and if you want to have the energy to blast through your classes without wanting to fall asleep towards the middle of them, you’ll want to make sure that what you eat becomes a priority. It is also essential that you focus on physical fitness. If you continue living a sedentary lifestyle, it will definitely take its toll. Here are some food and fitness basics for college students.

Get at Least 20 Minutes of Exercise Each Day

When it comes to college fitness, you want to get at least twenty minutes of physical exercise every single day. This could be in the form of running on a treadmill or walking to class. When it comes to walking, you want to make sure that you walk briskly if you want any benefits.

Make Sure that You Get Enough Proteins and Antioxidants

Protein is critical for muscle building and energy – antioxidants are important for keeping you alert and boosting your immune system. You can get protein from things like chicken, eggs and fish. You can get antioxidants from fruit, and other vegetables. This is why you may want to make yourself a chicken breast sandwich and wash it down with smoothie combining your favorite fruit. This is an ideal way to get your proteins and antioxidants – and it is a great way to get them quickly and efficiently.

Bring a Water Bottle with You Wherever You Go

Getting plenty of water is critical, but many college students don’t get enough – mostly because they are busy in class or studying. This is why you want to keep a water bottle on you at all times. If you are getting a master degree online, you may be focused on your classes and not even think about pouring yourself a glass a water, which is why having a bottle filled with water by your side is a good reminder.

Get Rid of All the Food Temptations In Your Dorm

If you are going to University of Wyoming or University of Colorado, you may be living in the dorms. If that is the case, you may be stocking your cabinets and mini fridge with really unhealthy foods. Ideally, you want to get rid of all these foods if you want to live a healthier lifestyle. When it comes to food and fitness, if you are sitting around all day eating junk food, you won’t stand a chance.

Reduce the Amount of Alcohol You Drink

On top of everything, you want to reduce how much alcohol you consume. When you go out to celebrate with friends, this may be a difficult venture, but it is important if you want to stay happy and healthy. In the end, moderation is the name of the game when it comes to drinking in college.

4 Tasks to Add to Your Wellbeing To-Do List

In today’s fast-paced world most of us have busy schedules, yet we spend more time browsing on mobile devices than thinking about ways to become a healthier, more balanced human being. If you’ve been on a health gig lately and are looking for ways to improve your overall wellbeing, you’ve probably noticed that there’s no shortage of tips, tricks, and guides online. In fact, the information overload can become a bit overwhelming, especially if you don’t even know where to start. Being an independent thinker helps, but to make things easier, we’ve compiled the following list of four tasks to add to your health & wellbeing to-do list:


1. Compare Dental Plans

From a young age we’re taught that dental health is paramount, and for good reason – tooth decay can lead to serious complications and cause other illnesses, some of which are life-threatening, not to mention the social impact having a clean, white smile can have. Unfortunately, dental care can be quite expensive, particularly if you don’t have any dental insurance. If you already have a good dental plan and you’re fully aware of your plan’s coverage terms, you’re on the right track, skip to the next step. If not, comparing dental plans should be at the top of your agenda.

2. Get into Meditation and Yoga

This might sound like a quacky, new age tip, but in reality there’s plenty of science backing the benefits of meditation and yoga for improving your mood and flexibility and even reducing stress, depression, and lowering blood pressure. Meditation is all about controlling your mental state, while yoga is about controlling your body. Both are like two different forms of practice – one for your brain and the other for your muscles, which is why they’re often practiced in unison.

3. See a Reputable Chiropractor

Visiting a licensed, experienced chiropractor can work wonders for your back and neck, so if you’ve been having cramps or have problems with the alignment of your spine, the first thing you should do is start comparing chiropractors in your area. It’s extremely important that you exercise discretion and choose a provider that has built a strong reputation complete with plenty of positive reviews, as chiropractic adjustments can be dangerous when performed by inexperienced hands.

4. Start Focusing on Nutrition

Finally, if you haven’t already started focusing on diet and nutrition, you might just want to drop everything else and make a meal planning schedule first. Your body can only feel and perform as well as the fuel you give it to work with. All bodily functions require energy and nutrients in the form of vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, and other basic building blocks. Learn how to get your daily value of everything without overeating and you’ll be on the right track to becoming a more fit decision maker.

Don’t Forget to Exercise

This is a bonus tip that serves as a reminder to what you’ve probably already heard a million times – exercising daily is good for you. So don’t forget to get up and be active on a regular basis to complement the four tips above.

The Need of Fertility Supplements to your Pregnancy

At the point when attempting to get pregnant, ordinarily we can neglect to imagine in light of the fact that our weight control plans are inadequate in the supplements vital for a fruitful origination and pregnancy to occur. Notwithstanding when we are exceptionally watchful about our eating routine and “eat well”, our eating regimen can, in any case, be deficient.



When attempting to get pregnant your primary target ought to be is to attempt and make the healthiest eggs and sperm conceivable, and in the lady, the richest environment conceivable so origination can happen.

Frequently, with numerous couples, a common eating routine does not have the vital supplements a healthy pregnancy requires. The body knows this, and until the supplement levels are there, doesn’t imagine.

So all together for the body to get the supplements it needs to consider nutritious supplements are regularly required to supplement even the best most painstakingly arranged eating methodologies.

There is an abundance of supplements accessible. A short walk around you nearby grocery store or health nourishment store uncovers a variety of decisions; Fertility Supplement, Prenatal Vitamins, Fertility Blend, Natural Fertility Supplement, et cetera.

The key is less what brand you purchase, albeit quality is essential, yet more imperative is that the supplement you purchase contains every one of the supplements required for high fertility. To accomplish this you may need to purchase more than one supplement to ensure you cover each supplement.

Vitamin A – For men, vitamin An is fundamental for sperm creation and generation of testosterone. In ladies, it keeps the cilia in the fallopian tubes healthy, and inadequacies in either men or ladies could prompt infertility and premature delivery. Vitamin A will be a known cancer prevention agent so it assumes a critical part in detoxifying your body.

Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, PABA, Folic Acid, Choline, Inositol – These vitamins normally happen together and are vital for adjusting estrogen and progesterone, and additionally the creation of sex hormones. For male fertility, the B gathering is particularly imperative. Vitamin B5 is required for the testes to be healthy, high sperm number and motility require Vitamin B12, and Inositol fertility supplement is required for a healthy prostate organ. A lack in Vitamin B can bring about an unnatural birth cycle or danger of the child being stillborn.

Vitamin C and Bioflavinoids – Because Vitamin C is a capable cancer prevention agent it attempts to kill poisons in your framework, similar to lead for instance. Vitamin C empowers ovulation in ladies who haven’t been delivering eggs and who might be anovular. In men, it keeps the sperm from clustering. However, an insufficiency of Vitamin C amid the time of origination and early pregnancy can bring about an unnatural birth cycle.

Calcium – You require calcium for creating fruitful bodily fluid in the vagina. You know it’s prolific when it is stretchy. Calcium insufficiency can bring about toxemia while pregnant.

Magnesium – Estrogen and Progesterone require Magnesium on the off chance that they are to be created. On the off chance that a lady has a Magnesium inadequacy the muscle withdrawals of the Fallopian Tubes can be influenced, meddling with the development of eggs and sperm inside the uterus. You know you have a Magnesium lack in the event that you ache for sugary nourishments, chocolate specifically.

How Fascia Blaster is innovative?

Fascia Blaster is the product that is used to improve the function of the Fascia. It is a connective tissue layer that is found below the skin. It forms under the skin and a great number of fat and cellulite can store here. For performing a number of functions this layer of connective tissue is very important.

Benefits of using Fascia Blaster

There are several productsthat are available in the market and on the net. But all products are not reliable in terms of quality and efficiency. The Fascia Blaster cuts short the mental stress from your mind and prepares you for better performance. It gives you complete relaxation with great confidence. These are available in the market with the exceptional quality remains at profoundly moderate costs.

  1. Improved Nerve activity and better definition

The tight Fascia controls the nerve signal. For sending the messages and the signals to the brains and to the muscles these nerves are very important. But, this nerve wave is interrupted due to the tight layer of the connective tissue.

  • Raising the flexibility
  • Improving the performance in sports
  • Allowing the growth potential
  • Enhances the muscle definition
  • Improves the muscle performance
  • Increases the efficiency of the muscle
  • Empowers the muscle for responding
  • Loosens and opens connective tissue layer for improving the nerve signals
  • The best nerve stimulator
  1. Releases Orthopedics and Pain

The other disadvantage of the tight Fascia is the tight joints. It is a serious problem and the solid reason of limited range of motion, swelling, back pain, ligament problems and strains. On the other it can cause the pain in the entire body and headache in the night.

  • Increases flexibility in joints
  • Improves the space and joint alignment
  • Reduces inflammation in the body and joints
  • Cuts down the scar tissue
  • Minimizes tension in the joints and bones
  • Cutting down pain promptly
  1. Increases blood flow

The tight layer of connective tissue interrupts the blood flow in the body. But using the Fascia Blaster will help you in increasing the blood flow towards the body and the brain. In this way, it assists the body to perform in the better way. Enhancing the blood flow means that the body and the brain will work more actively. The nerve performs with a great improvement. It raises the stamina of the body.

  1. Reduces brain fog
  2. Reducing inflammation
  3. Increasing the cardiac output
  4. Improving the workout
  5. Improving the absorption of the nutrients and oxygen into the cells
  6. Improves the blood flow naturally
  7. Loosing and opening the tightness of the connective tissues

The only reason to use this product is the efficient result. Among the users, it is famous for its unique formulation. It is highly wonderful for increasing the performance of the body. The healthy structure of Fascia is responsible great look, healthy feel and active performance. It is an effective product in terms of better results and providing a great performance.

5 Tips to Help You Shed Your Anxiety in College

The college years are an exciting and challenging time in any young adult’s life. As you leave the trappings of childhood behind and take your destiny by the horns, it’s only natural to feel the thrill of making your own decisions and taking complete control of your life.

Of course, this can also be a little scary, especially for students that are away from family and friends and facing new responsibilities on their own. College can be a lot of fun, but there is also some pressure associated with making wise choices or facing the consequences.

This can be a lot to handle for those just testing the waters of adulthood, so to speak. However, there are ways to stay cool and collected and manage anxiety. Here are a few tips every college student should try.

  1. Tend to Physical Health

If you don’t pay attention to your physical health, it’s only natural that your mental and emotional state can suffer as a result. For this reason, it’s important to eat right, exercise, and get your zees.

It can be tempting to grab midnight snacks from the vending machine, burn the midnight oil studying or hanging with new friends, or avoid regular exercise in favor of social pursuits. However, if you want to reduce fatigue, anxiety, and other issues, it’s best to strive for peak physical condition.

  1. Avoid Unnatural Highs and Lows

Scheduling can be difficult when you have so many activities taking up your time, including classes, homework, clubs, and socialization, just for example. You might be tempted to find ways to stay awake in class or relax on the weekends.

Unfortunately, getting into the habit of fueling up during the day with caffeinated beverages like coffee and energy drinks can leave you wide-eyed when it’s time to rest, and imbibing alcoholic to help you sleep can leave you feeling groggy and sick the next day. In short, you may be entering into an unnatural cycle that’s terrible for your health and only leads to increased anxiety.

  1. Plan for Success

One way to significantly reduce stress is to plan for success in your endeavors. At the beginning of the semester, you’ll get a stack of syllabi from your professors, detailing the work to come. You can use this information to plan a schedule for getting your work done well in advance, ensuring that you never find yourself cramming at the eleventh hour.

  1. Stay Connected

Being away from your family, your friends, your home, and everything you know can definitely lead to college anxiety. In this day and age, though, it’s not hard to keep in touch. Even with a busy schedule you can find time to text, email, call, and video conference with your loved ones.

If you’re feeling depressed, stressed, or anxious, just make time to connect with family and friends. These are the people who will listen, offer support and advice, and help you to work through whatever challenges are bringing you down.

  1. Take a Deep Breath

There will be times when the hectic college lifestyle seems unmanageable. Whether you study through AU Online or you attend classes on campus at Boston College, it pays to stop, take a breath, and remind yourself that you have the power to control your schedule and plan for success.

7 Weight Loss Advice Tips You’ve Never Heard Before

Losing weight is one of the hardest things to endure, especially if you are significantly overweight. Not only must you go through the process of shedding pounds, but you will also need to let go of lifestyle habits you took years to form. Here is a look at seven weight loss tips you have never heard before.


Coconut Oil

The high fat content of coconut oil does scare away a lot of people, but the oil also contains plenty of fat burning qualities. Your body uses the fat from coconut oil as an immediate energy source, which results in it having a similar impact on your body to protein. Try to replace all the other oils you use with coconut oil. If you do not use many oils for cooking, you can always add a teaspoon of coconut oil to your food when you are done cooking, or you can eat it separately.

Butter with Coffee

The idea behind bulletproof coffee is fairly strange, but many people swear by its effects. The idea is to give you plenty of energy to start the day, along with fat-burning qualities. Bulletproof coffee consists of grass-fed butter and coconut oil mixed with your coffee. When you have this drink, you should have at least six to eight hours of energy without needing to eat anything else.


One of the key components of losing weight is fighting your hunger. Even if you have all the motivation in the world to eat less, your body keeps telling you that you need more food, especially at night! One of the ways to fight it is with prescription phentermine. Online sources are available for phentermine which is a type of supplement that diminishes your appetite. Combined with other weight loss techniques, phentermine can provide fantastic results for people who are struggling with being able to control how much food they have on a daily basis.


Barely is fantastic for keeping our blood sugar levels even, which is why it is such a highly recommended breakfast food. It also helps us deal with fat cravings later in the day.


Marmite contains both good proteins and fiber, which help you feel full throughout the day. It also has plenty of vitamin B3, which you need for your immune system.

Beef with Lunch Salad

Adding beef or other proteins to your lunch salad is a fantastic way to feel satisfied after the meal is over. While salads are great meals, they often leave us longing for more a few hours later. Adding a healthy dose of protein should help take those cravings away, while giving you more energy to work.

Dinnerware Changes

It may sound silly, but many experts believe that buying dinnerware that holds less food can help you lose weight. When you fill up the smaller plate, you still get the feeling you are eating a great deal of food. But if you add the same food to the larger plate, you may think it is a very small portion size.

Are you having Difficulties Picking the Right Tinnitus Treatment?

We’ve all heard about the quantity of trick craftsmen around the web nowadays so how on earth does one settle on a merchant? Specifically, on the off chance that we are discussing a sickness like tinnitus which apparently knows no cure, how is it conceivable to deal with “the goods worth keeping from the waste” as it were? Is it conceivable and assuming this is the case, why is it so confounding and alarming to settle on the right decision?


In what capacity would you be able to lose?

Ensured tinnitus alleviation or your cash back, this must be exactly what you require. It appears glaringly evident that no doctor ever takes a gander at Google, else how would they be able to instruct you to “live with it?” All that training and they don’t realize that there are most of the tinnitus treatments and cures  out there, all you need to is look on Google.

There are laser treatments, vitamin treatments, home grown treatments, homeopathic treatments; hypnotherapy, reflection treatment, books and CD’s – and every one of them make these stunning cases that will free of your tinnitus.

Make A Stride Backwards In Time.

Oblivious old web days of December 1999 that same Google search for “tinnitus treatment” would have just have recorded two or three sites offering treatments for tinnitus. So in those days there were a few organizations offering tinnitus treatments yet today there are hundreds. Also, these leaps forward all came to fruition without the information of the therapeutic society?

Can you trust the treatment administration?

In the event that the organization delivering the treatment or cure can be trusted, in what manner would you be able to conceivable discover some help for your tinnitus given all the conceivable trick sites you may need to deal with?

Perhaps it is unrealistic, however on the other hand, possibly it is. Give me a chance to make a few proposals to help you. Take after these basic strides and you will ideally have the capacity to settle on the right choice as respects a treatment for your tinnitus.

They ought to have a demonstrated reputation.

One method for settling on a specific tinnitus treatment is to manage an   site or organization that has “endured the travail of time” By that I mean you ought to just consider managing entrenched individuals that have been supplying items to help with tinnitus for a long time.

Call them on the phone.

I know it is a web exchange you will make yet when in doubt; in the event that you can get in touch with them in individual you realize that they are honest to goodness organizations. In the event that you get no answer or leave a message and get no answer, overlook them; check them off your rundown. They are not deserving of your time.

To finish up, you realize that there is no brisk overnight cure for tinnitus so don’t trust the extravagant words or smooth promoting messages. Take after the progressions above run with your gut feel and you will more than likely get the right tinnitus treatment in Staten Island that ideally will really help you in your mission for tinnitus alleviation!

How to Get the Best Electrical Breast Pump

Nowadays, electric breast pumps are utilized for busy moms who can’t find time to feed their babies. Especially, if you need to pump frequently electric breast pumps can be the suitable option, which you can use without any worries. You can get the customized designs that would enable you to manage the procedure easily and you won’t face any difficulties while extracting the milk. Also, obtain disposable nursing pads that help you to keep the area clean and thereby maintain a proper hygiene. Always keep the milk storage bags with you ensuring you are able to store the milk safely for your baby without them being wasted. A Lansinoh electric breast pump is one most essential thing that you can have getting your milk extracted successfully.

Get Proper Safety Measures

While extracting milk using an electrical breast pump you should make sure you get the suitable safety measures that would help you to avoid any sort of risk factors. You can get the double pump or adjustable settings for vacuum operations that would aid you to carry out the activity without any intricacies. Ensure that the breast pump is BPA free and does not contain any type of toxic materials that may be harmful for yours or for baby’s health. You should hand wash only when cleaning the devices and ensure you don’t use any harsh chemicals we cleaning them. Usually such breast pumps are made of plastic and come out with multiple warranties that would aid you to use the system freely without any tension. Purchase the best electrical breast pumps that would maximize your milk extraction and also would give you good safety as you want to have. Look for maximum comfort and in order to get the best experience during milk extraction.

Know the Right Price

Once you decide to purchase the breast pumps, you should get familiar with the right price point in order to buy safely. You can even get the products online if it enables you to spend more time with your baby as you don’t have to visit the store. You can communicate with your physician who can recommend some suggestions and help determine the best option that would suit your body type. The lansinoh electric breast pump turns out with all the exclusive features you can leverage in the process in order to experience the best results.

Go Through the Reviews

Before purchasing, you can also go through the reviews to get familiar with previous users’ experiences to assist in which one to buy. It may even give you the confidence knowing you can operate one easily and determine the devices with a good technology that would function well according to your needs. Still, if you face difficulty using it, you can visit your doctor to assist with the steps to operate it safely. Finally, you can manage a better lifestyle bringing in a big smile on your baby’s face that would give you the ultimate satisfaction.

10 ways to take care of your hair


A woman’s beauty is defined by the long hair, especially in India every girl wants long and thick hair but now a day’s hair fall is very common between men and women. Many problems faced by all are hair fall, hair damage and dandruff etc. Hair loss can be caused by different factors which includes Aging, Anemia, Thyroid, Genetic, Scalp infection, Pregnancy, Birth control pills, Poor diet, Stress, Hair Styling.

Clinicspots provides online medical consultation for Hair Transplant Turkey, so that you can get solution related to hair problems which you may face in daily life. For this we come up with online portal system in which you get all the solutions for your hair­­ loss issues. Our aim is to provide you with the best hair transplant in Turkey.

In past, women generally used to take care of their hair by using Ayurveda product and natural home made products. Now most of the people are busy in doing their office work and many other works, due to lack of time they are not able to follow proper diet, hair oiling and many other things which are necessary to keep their hair healthy and shiny. This situation force people to move from natural treatment to chemical treatment. People are unaware of side effects of chemical treatment and over doing of these treatments can affect hair severely. They need to understand that natural treatment is the only way to grow hair healthy, shiny and thicker.

There are certain ways to take care of your hair which is essential to follow in your daily life-




  • Coconut milk contain Vitamin E, Potassium, fats that helps to moisturize your hair and having antibacterial properties that repair the damaged hair.
  • Apply coconut milk in your scalp and wrap it with towel for 20 minutes.
  • Rinse your hair with the help of water.
  • Continue the process weekly.


  • Green tea helps to increase hair growth by increasing your metabolism and stimulate hair follicle which helps in growing hair.
  • Dip tea bag in hot water and let it stay in water till the water cools down.
  • Apply the solution in your scalp thoroughly and wash it after 15 minutes with lukewarm water.


  • The anti-bacterial properties of onion helps in fighting with fungal infection on the scalp. It also contain sulfur which help in improving the blood flow to the scalp. This stimulate healthy hair growth.
  • Take onion juice and apply it on your hair from tip to the root.
  • Let it stay for 30 minutes and rinse with water before shampooing it.


  • Beetroot is rich in potassium, vitamin B, vitamin C and protein which helps to grow healthy and shiny hair.
  • Extract the juice from beetroot leaves and mix with henna and make a paste of it.
  • Apply on your hair for 20 minutes and rinse with water.
  • Follow same process twice a week.


  • Aloe Vera helps in bringing the PH level to normal. It also penetrate deep into the scalp to promote hair growth.
  • Takeout pulp from aloe Vera and massage your hair with it.
  • Let it stay for 15 minutes and wash it with water.


  • Amla is rich source of vitamin C which is necessary for strong and healthy hair. It also prevents the pre mature greying of hair.
  • Boil gooseberry with coconut oil till the color changes.
  • Massage it and leave it for 20 minutes then wash it with water.
  • Continue this process twice a week.
  1. NEEM


  • The Anti-bacterial characteristic of neem helps to remove dandruff, lice and nits. It also stimulus blood circulation to hair roots which nourishes the hair.
  • Boil the neem leaves and extract the water from it.
  • Wash your hair with shampoo and then with extracted mixture.


  • It acts as an antioxidant which helps in strengthening the hair.
  • Apply lukewarm oil on your hair and hair roots before going to sleep.
  • Wash it in next morning with mild shampoo.
  • Do it twice or thrice in a week.


  • Potato is rich in vitamin C and iron which helps in maintaining hair growth. It also prevent hair loss because of the presence of potassium in it.
  • Grind the potato and extract the juice from it.
  • Make a paste of potato juice, honey and water.
  • Apply this mixture to hair roots and hair and leave it for 30 minutes.
  • Wash it with mild shampoo.


  • Egg is a rich source of vitamin B, protein and essential nutrients.
  • Mix egg Yolk with yogurt and apply this mixture on your hair as mask.
  • Keep it for 20 minutes and wash with water followed by mild shampoo.
  • Follow this process twice or thrice in a week.

The Benefits of Floating

The medical community has upheld the consistent positive outcomes of floatation therapy from a variety of perspectives which not only include its mood enhancing effects and its role in elevating levels of dopamine and endorphins, but also its ability to lower blood pressure, ease symptoms associated with anxiety and depression and its support for healing processes.


The latest research involving the benefits of floatation has revealed that during floatation, the amygdala which is the part of the brain that is responsible for our ‘fight or flight’ response basically shuts off which in turn ‘eradicates’ anxiety and according to the research, the more frequent an individual floats, the easier it will be for that individual to achieve this state of mind.

The only other way to achieve this state of mind is via deep meditation, however, not many people are experts in meditation and only those with years of experience in meditation are able to reach this point of deep relaxation well enough to shut down the amygdala.

Therefore, floatation in other words help people to achieve a state of deep meditation within an hour which otherwise would take them painstaking years to attain.

The benefits of an isolation tank do not just end there as floatation is also being used by medical professionals to treat, or target pain and trauma. Studies have repeatedly indicated that floatation is able to successfully alleviate pain related to physical trauma, sports injuries, and the strenuous elements of pregnancy or even chronic migraines.

According to researchers, this is possible due to the fact that floating calms the human body’s overly stimulated sensors, simply by removing them from the equation  and  providing the brain with ‘a break’ to allow it to restore the system’s chemical and metabolic equilibrium.

Although the entire floatation phenomenon may sound exceedingly complex and difficult, quite on the contrary, floatation therapy is actually based on a very simple principle up to a point where some of the benefits that come out of it seem simply just too good to be true, nevertheless, these benefits are real and have been validated through clinical trials and feedback from users.

Regular users report consistently that their sleep patterns show tremendous improvements and as most of us are already aware of, relaxing sleep is essential to good health and physicians often state that sleep is without doubt, the best remedy to recover from stress and illness. Floatation allows our bodies to recuperate naturally, simply by providing it a window of opportunity to actually do so by floating in a float tank which is in fact even more relaxing.

The deep state of relaxation state that floatation allows us to achieve allows the our bodies to not only recover from stress, but it also stimulates blood flow into tissues while stimulating the release of natural endorphins that in the end, makes us feel good, which is the best medicine for any ailment known to humans.

For more information on the powers of the ‘isolation tank’ please visit the Isolation Tanks Blog.